We're creating an easier
world for small businesses
and freelancers to
work together.

Think of us as the bridge between your accounting platform and project management system.

Say goodbye to those pesky invoices in your inbox.

No more manual spreadsheets to keep track of your project budgets

And all of your freelancers in one place for easy onboarding!

How It All Started

Founded by Louise...

CoFlowx founder and CEO and lover of all things freelance. Louise was a freelance business manager and consultant working for a communications consultancy for several years. Between managing all the client and freelance budgets and working as a freelancer, she knows a thing or two about the pains in the industry. 

Having this first-hand experience and after completing an MBA in the lockdowns, Louise was ignited to solve the chaos that surrounds working with freelancers. There was nothing fit for purpose, and with the rapid change of the future of work, there was no better time to solve the inefficiencies.

Louise is passionate about flexibility, and as a mum of two small humans, she loves the positive impact that freelancing can have on families and mums being able to earn a living while being around for their kids. This is why she is passionate about creating an easier world for business owners and freelancers alike.